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Beyond Eyes - Fanart
Ok, this game is fucking beautiful like omg Snif..Is Beautiful..Onion 

You guys seriously need to check this game out:…

It's about a blind girl who leaves her home to find her missing cat and oml I wanted to cry it's just ahhhhhhhhhh <3

I wanted to draw some fanart of this lovely game so here you go :3

The girl in the picture is called Rae by the way, just so you know XD

I also didn't draw the background cause I was was lazy so I just put a picture from the game art there instead lol

I hope you enjoy this!

beyond Eyes belongs to Tiger and Squid (Developer)
So I just finished the last episode of Yuri!! On Ice and...


I wanna cry, I wanna scream, I wanna just ahhhhhhhhh

This was by FAR, the most beautiful anime I have ever watched, and I hope that they make a season 2 <3
Serina - Anixian Form (Ratchet and Clank OC)
I decided to finally draw Serina as her actual species (bare in mind her species is one I made up) so her she is!

If you're confused, this is what I can tell you:

When Serina's planet was attacked by Dr Nerfarious when she was just a baby, her mother (her name is Carlisa) was the only one that managed to escape. Everyone else however, were terminated. Dr Nerfarious wanted the Anixian's power for himself, he wanted to control it, harness it, so he sent an army of warbots to find and destroy all Anixians. (side note: Serina's home planet called Alexia, was said to be a legendary planet that no one had ever seen before. It was in the farthest corner of the galaxy, separated from the other planets. It is said that the people on this planet had the power to heal any injury, and were able to use their lifeforce energy in any way they wanted. Of course, it was also said that when an Anixian dies, their lifeforce energy can be harnessed and used by anyone who finds it.)

When Nerfarious found out about this planet, he sought to find it and kill every single one of the Anixians so he could take their power and use it for his evil ways. Luckily, Serina's mother Carlisa Evelyn was able to take a escape pod and evacuate the planet with her only child. Unfortunately, Carlisa's husband and Serina's father Derik, perished with the other Anixian's to allow his wife and child to escape. The escape pod gets shot down by one of Nerfarious's battle ships, but the two of them manage to crash land on Veldin without getting hurt. As a desperate act to save her child from certain death, Carlisa finds a small orphanage and leaves Serina on the doorstep, but not before writing a single note with her child's name on it, and casting a spell to change Serina's appearance. Serina's pointy ears and wings disappear, leaving her with no unique features. Before leaving her child behind, Carlisa gives her baby her necklace, knowing that one day, it will help her find her child again.

Carlisa then escapes into the night, but is soon captured by Dr Nefarious. He tries to kill Carlisa straight away to take her energy, but finds that he cannot. Carlisa tells him that not only is she protected by a ancient spell due to her royal blood line as Queen (Derik being the King, making Serina a princess) but her power did not lie within her body, but in a special pendant. When Nefarious demands the pendant to be given to him, she tells him that it was destroyed when she crashed on Veldin, along with her child. Luckily, Nerfarious buys it, but decides to keep Carlisa hostage to force her to use the power that she did have to make his machines more powerful and deadly.

Serina is then taken in by Freda, a humble old lady who looks after the children in the orphanage. As Serina grows, her life becomes one full of tears and pain. She is constantly teased for being "different", and she was beginning to lose all hope of knowing who she was and where her family could be. All she knows, is that the pendant that she wore was the key, and no matter what...

She was going to find the answers.
Get Back Up Again!

This short comic featuring my Ratchet and Clank OC Serina is based off of the song "Get Back Up Again" from the movie Trolls:…

Here is a little backstory for the comic:

"After another long (and emotional) day, Serina decides to take a late night walk to clear her thoughts. As she walks across the desert plains that surround her, she looks up to the sky, where countless stars and nebulas shine brightly. She loved the beauty and wonder of space, always wondering what it would be like to leave Veldin and explore the galaxy. Suddenly, Serina is overcome with something, a feeling that resonate within her heart. Taking a breath, she begins to sing. She sings all of her feelings, her brisk walk now turning into a sprint, the cool wind whipping around her. She sings about how no matter how hard things get, nothing will get in her way. Even if she gets knocked down over and over, she will always get back up again. Serina could feel the warm fuzzy feeling in her heart that she has grown to cherish whenever she sings. She knows that one day she will be able to travel across the galaxy. She knows that one day she will find her family.

She knows that one day, she will become the person she has always wanted to be."

I hope you enjoy this comic! :D
Merry Christmas... =)
That's not snow she's sitting on... 😈

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a great Christmas! <3


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
hi guys! Welcome to my page! I've been drawing since 2012, so my art has improved a lot since I first started XD

I love Ratchet and Clank, Vocaloid, anime, video games, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I love making new friends :D

If you have a question for me or you just want to chat, leave a comment on my page and I'll be sure to get back to you :)


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